Monday, October 1, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Chocolate Spills

Chocolate is one of the most delicious food items that you eat almost every day. But, you may not feel as good as the taste of the chocolate if chocolates spill on your valuable carpets. Though it seems strange enough but in reality, almost every carpet owners report of chocolate spills on their carpets. But, the question that is asked next is how to remove the chocolate spills from pricey carpets and rugs. However, following is a list of tips that will give you a detailed knowledge of what to do is chocolate creates stains on your carpet.

Chocolates are neither dry not wet. Therefore, if chocolates spill on your carpet, you should primarily take a white soft towel to remove the stains immediately. Waiting for a long time will help the fabrics absorb the chocolate stains which will make the removal process even harder. You can use some paper napkins as well.

Once the stains are partially removed, take a piece of ice and rub it on the stain. This will help the chocolate become harder. Do not forget that, chocolates start melting if they are heated. However, you can also use a sharp knife and remove as much of the chocolate particles as possible.

When the icing removal is done, you should divert your focus on removing the bigger stains. This step is even more complex. Firstly, take some cold water and non-bleaching detergent powder and mix them up. This will create a heavier detergent mixture along with some foam.

Pour the mixture on the stained area of the carpet. Make sure that it does not spread throughout the other parts of the carpet where there are no stains. That means, you will have to be a bit careful in handling with the mixture.

Once done, use your fingers to rub on the wet carpet unless it creates enough foam. You may have to do it for a couple of minutes. If it does not create enough amounts of foams, make sure to repeat the process. But, one important thing is that you can use some vinegar to the mixture if there remains any odor on the carpet. Though the smell of chocolate is nothing bad, but if you want to give the carpet its original smell, using vinegar can be a good solution.

When the rubbing is done, use plenty of water on the wet carpet and wash it out. As it is absorbed with some detergents, you may need to repeat the washing for several times. Once done with cleaning, dry the carpet out for a long time. Putting the carpet under sun would be suicidal. It will result in a faded color which will harm the originality of your carpet. Instead, you can use a table fan to dry it up.

Finally, cleaning your carpets is not very simple. Many people do not prefer doing it because they prefer hiring some professional cleaners who are experts at it. If you are from the town of Brooklyn, you can contact some carpet cleaning Brooklyn experts for effective solutions.

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