Monday, July 20, 2009

Chocolate Wedding Favors - Choosing the Right Kind For Your Guests

Candy wedding favors are always a popular choice, and as far as edible wedding favors go chocolate is a pretty safe bet! However, choosing the right kind to suit you can sometimes be hard, so use this as a guide.

Molded Chocolate Favors

The way your guests feel at your wedding is important, and the small touches can have a huge impact. Choosing the right shape for your chocolate favors is important, and there is a huge range available. Hearts are the obvious choice, but there's no reason why another shape wouldn't go perfectly with your style of wedding.

Wrapped Chocolate Wedding Favors

Wrapped coins and hearts are just two ideas when it comes to popular wrapped favors. You have almost complete control when it comes to the design and type of wrapping that you want to use.

Personalized Wedding Candy

What's becoming more and more popular nowadays is personalized wedding candy. This is an extra special version of classic edible wedding favors! You can customize the wrapping that you use, and a popular option is to include either the names of the bride and groom or of the guests. You could have the mold personalized. Just remember that this could cost you a little extra.

Finding Chocolate Favors to Suit Your Wedding

The cost of your wedding will influence, to some extent, the candy wedding favors you use as well as the containers you present them in - certain items costing more than others.

The number of guests you have will ultimately have an impact on the way you present your favors. Presentation is important, though choosing either a crystal glass or a plastic one can still look great - it all depends on the wedding style and budget!

To help you choose the perfect wedding candy for your big day you can make use of some of the numerous online catalogs. Many brands offer well-presented favors, including luxury chocolates at bargain prices. Just start looking around and you'll soon find a design that suits the style of your wedding.

Candy is a great way to thank your guests for coming, and also the perfect way to please the kids. Visit my site, Candy Wedding Favors, for unique wedding candy ideas. You will be able to see our selection of personalized chocolate bars : the perfect personal touch to any wedding day.

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