Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adolescent and Brown

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Many of the brother-sister avoid the chocolate. I can be sure that. Perhaps he will cause brown blotch and obesity. Really so?

Approximately correct if so, why do I? Because there are certain materials that cause brown is not it? So, go ahead we kihat womb chocolate! :)

academia-barilla-gourmet-chocolate-brown mousse.jpgStudi about this has been raised. 1950, the experts to study the skin to compare the results from young people who were given a candy-like brown, with the teenagers who were given chocolate beneran. The result? Photographer can show differences in growth whelk tuh:) Indeed, it says that some doctors who jerawatnya arise after eating a certain food, you should avoid the food in question. Because of the possibility of food allergies are caused. But experts said that chocolate allergy rarely the cause of the allergic food.

If we see from the abortion, some may believe in the results of research by experts who found that chocolate can lower high blood pressure, melt flow of blood, and make healthy heart. How can? A compound derived from the cacao bean to be able to help the body process the nitrate oxide (NO), a compound that the body is needed to maintain health of blood flow and blood pressure.

Research also indicates that the flavonoid in chocolate is able to prevent a substance meyerupai fat in the blood flow to the oxidation that causes vessel constriction and preventing the flow of arterial blood. Flavonoid compound itself is in the plants that have potential as antioxidants, the chemical compound that can reduce the oxidation reaction in a substrate-specific.

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