Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clear Skin with Chocolate Diathermy

WANT to attract your partner on Valentines Day? Watch your attitude and appearance. If you do not rileks, special days that can not berbekas. If your skin is dry and dull, a beautiful day it can be less meaningful. Therefore, prepare themselves with chocolate diathermy.

Chocolate contains polyphenol, substances of high quality antioxidants. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, this substance can also delay penuaan early. Polyphenol addition, chocolate also contains catechine (antioxidants), minerals, vitamins B and E, and protein. Oxygen-reducing effect of these substances penuaan early, clean up free radicals, giving kelembapan natural for skin, and facilitate the circulation of blood.

Because that is the womb, showing a body treatment technique is new. Chocolate body diathermy is a useful treatment to reduce and even eliminate the earthquake-rheumatic joint (arthritis) with cocoa powder extract, accelerate blood circulation and flow limfatik, which can reduce the swelling or inflamation
make innovation diathermy with chocolate brown and technology combine beauty diathermy. Beauty itself is diathermy treatment technique with radio frequency current (0,45-0,6 MHz) that can move the ion-ion body, so that increase body temperature to reach 41-42 degrees Celsius. Function, blood circulation and expedite system limfatik, leave the circulation and oxygen metabolism network, decrease the production of acid and carbonic acid content in the network, the network expansion, improving Sintesa collagen, improving cell regeneration and improve the immune system (Immune).

Natural Ingredients and No Pain Management

Patients are asked to sleep telengkup ago back with water and cleaned waslap. Scrub and then rubbed some dibalurkan time. After a cleared scrub, cream glucosamine be smeared on the body that feels stiff or earthquake. This cream contains glucosamine glucose and protein produced by the body, important in the establishment and improvement of the network, such as cartilage and joint fluid. Then added that pure coconut oil is useful as a lubricant when the beauty and natural diathermy for skin rejuvenation. This treatment takes 45 minutes.

Ten minutes later, added chocolate massage and mask to be smeared evenly treatment area for 20 minutes. So that for the most cases, this treatment should be done once sunday 1. For routine maintenance can be done 1-4 weeks. In the case of light with 1-time treatment, the results can be directly perceived
Chocolate diathermy can also overcome the interference in the stiff-stiff muscles, joint pain in the elbow, knee, wrist and feet, reducing aches and stiff on the feet because shoes wear sandals or high-heeled or hard sole and a rigid, stand too long, doing the work a heavy, out of joint, or when the woman entered the period of menopause (premenopause) and in people with arthritis (joint inflammation).

This treatment is very safe and does not cause pain because it uses natural ingredients. Result, the muscle-tense the muscles become more rileks, so that patients will feel more healthy, fresh, and feel light, and moist skin looks natural and bright. Also create a more comfortable sleep
This treatment can be by anyone, men or women who are over 15 years. However, pregnant mothers, patients in the body is embedded metal objects such as pen and bone ring heart, and patients who have open wounds or are currently experiencing irritation in the feet and hands, is not recommended for treatment because this treatment is to use radio frequency