Thursday, March 22, 2012

Delicious Coconut Oil For Healthy Babies

Coconut oil is rapidly growing to be regarded as a healthy food and nutritional choice for use in our kitchens. It is also an ingredient that can be used in baby food. Origionally, this highly versatile oil was thought to contain a high saturated fat content, but more recent and accurate research suggests that the fat in coconut is highly beneficial. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which are easily digestible, and provide good energy for your baby. It is high in lauric acid, which is also the medium-chain fatty acid found in breast milk. This is great news for your baby, because its healthful properties combat many of the bacteria, parasites and even fungi that sometimes cause indigestion in infants. This healthy oil also boosts the immune system and promotes health and wellness. Since a newborn baby's immune system does not fully develop until he is six months old, his only protection against viruses is through the lauric acid that is present in the mother's breast milk. Lauric acid-rich coconut is often used today as an ingredient in infant formula, and is also used in hospitals for babies as well as adults. With the consent of your doctor, coconut oil can be introduced into your baby's diet once he has started to eat solids like baby fruits and vegetables. Consider as well, adding a small amount of unsweetened coconut milk to food items that your baby has eaten before. Adding healthful fats to vegetables like carrots, spinach and squash helps in the absorption of nutrients like vitamin A, D and E. Coconut is not considered to be highly allergenic, but as with any new food you are introducing, do not give it to your baby at the same time as you introduce other foods that are new to him. This is a stable oil, even at high temperatures and can be used for all types of cooking. When cooking for your baby, use it in place of less healthful oils. Extra virgin coconut oil has a delicate, very faint taste of coconut, and it is delicious. Organic, or the extra virgin oils are considered to be much more healthful than the more common refined oils. These can easily be found in your local health food stores, some ethnic stores and online as well. Introduce organic or extra virgin coconut oil into your family's diet and you are one step farther along the road toward healthier eating, and healthy living. Smart parents are on the look-out for quality products, the best prices, and most healthful options that are available on the market today. Helpful information and highly rated baby products can be found at Offering our babies and children healthy choices, a clean environment, safe products and organic options is important for today's families. Article Source: Article Source:

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