Monday, May 25, 2009

Fresh Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are the perfect gift for your family, friend, and special someone. Hand dipped in gourmet chocolate, these strawberries are the most demanding and wonderful gift for anyone around. Occasions, events and celebrations are part of our busy lives, but now traditional gifts like purchasing an expensive jewelry, selecting a tie, or choosing a book; are no longer practiced. An innovation in gifts is brought to you by some creative people in form of dipped strawberries”. Before this wonderful idea people were using strawberries to decorate desserts, making juices and shakes, adding in cakes and eating as a fruit. Chocolate covered strawberries are now liked and admired by anyone as a gift or as a wonderful dessert.

Imagine the pleasure of tasting a juicy, big sized strawberry dipped in White, dark or milk chocolate! Decorate them with sprinkles of different colors and arrange them to give as a gift for any occasion. These are ideal to give on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Best wishes, Get well soon, new born baby, get together, graduation, thank giving or many more daily events.

Chocolate covered strawberries are healthy desserts, since strawberries have no fat, cholesterol or salt, they are high in vitamin C and a good source of potassium and fiber. They are low in calorie. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are fun to make and more entertaining to eat. Dip strawberries according to occasions and celebrations. Wish someone a chocolaty strawberry birthday with colorful sprinkles over them. Garnish each strawberry with drizzle and candies in festive party colors. Definite to be a perfect for all ages!

Dip the berries in the melted semisweet chocolate and drizzle with the melted white baking chips. Incredible, mouthwatering dipped strawberry gifts are simply divine! Each luscious strawberry is hand-dipped and covered with nuts, coconut or sprinkles. The end result is a blissful combination of flavors. Even though they are sugar free, they are sweet and delicious.

Cover the fresh, red and ripen strawberries in unforgettable taste of gourmet dark chocolate and cover them with white chocolate to decorate and make designs over them. The end result of these double dipped fruity strawberries is a heavenly combination of colors and flavors.

Another innovation in dipped strawberries is by sinking them in rich white yogurt and decorating with a hint of orange, strawberry and lemon flavored swizzles, and creating a taste that is simply unbelievable. This can be presented as a formal business gift, and a superb gift for a good friend and colleague.

Peanut butter lovers have another new dessert for their night meals and parties. Double-dipped and decorated with swizzles or peanuts, hand-dipped strawberries convey a combination of flavors, and will tempt the recipient. Arrange and place this gift carefully in a beautifully and decently decorated handmade box of dozen strawberries and deliver to your loved one. Sure to please them and perfect to remain long in memories.
by: Sandla Sandi

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