Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brown Pudding

Material :

1 Powder jelly bale ( white colour or chocolate)
20 gr powder chocolate
1 brown beloved heavy cream can
750 ml water
¼ sdt salt
Material Saus:
250 ml liquid milk
1½ sdm flour maizena
1 egg yolk
50 gr sand sugar
1 sdm rhum, at your convenience

Way of making:

1. Scrambled sweet heavy cream and water.
2. Adds that, powder chocolate, and salt. Scrambled until chocolate dissolves. Braises be swirled     until boiling. Lifted. Decanted into printing;mould then makes cool.
3. Saus : swirled all material saus except egg yolk then ripe be swirled [by] until meletup-letup.
4. Takes 1 dough vegetable spoon saus, decants to egg yolk be swirled. Enters the egg mixture      into decoction saus swirled to be finite of meletup-letup. Lifts and makes cool.
5. After cool saus, enters rhum ( at your convenience). Scrambled.
6. Presents brown pudding with siraman saus milk.

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